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One child one pencil at a time.

Several years ago, I met a little girl named Juanita, from a small farming town in Nicaragua.  She lives in a very humble home.  She walks to school almost one hour each way.  Many of the children in that village walk barefoot, perhaps with not much to eat on any given day.  Even though Juanita’s family did not have much, they value the importance of learning.  When I met her, I was struck by the little pencil she was using.  The pencil was the size of my little pinky.  She was going to use that pencil until she could not hold it anymore.  She wrote my name on the wall.  I thought her mom would be upset; she said my mom lets me write on the wall when I don’t have any paper.  At that moment I realized how much we take for granted.  Juanita inspired me to start collecting pencils.

"We are all connected in one way or another"

The children in Colombia were extremely grateful.  One student spoke on behalf of the other students.  He said “thank you for the pencils, sometimes we have a pencil and we break it in half so another friend is able to write with it.”  His words touch my heart.  I knew that so many children all over the world would find gratitude with a simple pencil.


"His words touch my heart. "

Pencils with a Purpose was born.  There are so many children like Juanita all over the world.  We have expanded to collect school supplies that fit in a pencil case:  pencils, coloring pencils, crayons, sharpener, eraser, glue stick and scissors.  We strive that the children will find inspiration, creativity, peace, joy and kindness through the school supplies. 

"There are so many children like Juanita all over the world."

Pencils with a Purpose is organized for exclusively religious, charitable, educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The purposes of Pencils with a Purpose are exclusively charitable as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation. 

Please join us in our cause to make a meaningful impact in the lives of children.

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