to Contribute to Children’s Dreams

Our Mission

Promoting Peace

We hope to inspire children from all over the world to live in peace.  One pencil, one child at a time.  We have optimism that the school supplies will be a tool for inspiration, creativity, peace, love and joy.


“Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.” —John Lennon

Helping Families

According to the Strengthening Families by the Center for the Study of Social Policy. Building these five protective factors increases the likelihood for healthy child development and for your family to remain strong, avoiding risks like child abuse and neglect.


  • Social and emotional competence: the ability to manage and control emotions and behaviors.
  • Social connections: the ability to connect and interact with others.
  • Concrete support: the ability to provide basic needs like food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and access to health care.
  • Knowledge of parenting and child development: the ability and willingness to learn how to parent well and support your child’s development.
  • Resilience: the ability to have healthy coping skills for the stresses you may encounter as a parent or in crisis.


These five researched-based protective factors are aimed at increasing each family’s strengths, enhancing healthy childhood development and reducing the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.

Supporting Education

Every child has the right to an education. Education transforms lives and breaks the cycle of poverty that traps so many children. Some 387 million primary school-aged children and 230 million lower secondary school-aged children are failing to learn basic numeracy and literacy. Most of these children are in school. -Unicef


Local Economies

In many impoverished communities, children don’t have the opportunity to receive an education. Some don’t have resources like books or uniforms, leaving children to fall behind without the support. Children may drop out of school to support their families and never go back. And entire school systems are understaffed, failing to provide adequate education to the children who live there. Lack of education increases the likelihood of involvement in drugs, gangs and other risky behaviors. It’s easy to see how an absence of education spirals into a cycle of poverty. When you make a gift to Pencils with a Purpose, you provide the blessing of being an instrument for a child to come out of poverty. 


Please join us in our cause to make a meaningful impact in the lives of children.

Your donation makes a difference.